White Elephants News

BC weekday

Hello Parents,

Busy week, new people, preparations for summer, new ideas on the way, new arrangements, and same old us.
We are going well and going far.
Lane is officially part of our team, and soon we will have Eleanor; yes, another baby girl.
For the next few weeks we will study the best way to better tend to our class. Our babies now are very active, crawling and being curious about their new world. We need to put even more emphasis on safety, especially around baby Lane, who is cute as pie, and already is a big sensation around here.
Summer is a big deal for BC Weekday, so be prepared to have some fun with us.
Our theme for next week is The Big Backyard, let's not be afraid to let our imaginations run wild!

We are going to miss Ms. Monica who's on vacation but will be back soon.
We did miss Ben last week who got sick, but as far as I know he will be back on Monday. We love you big boy.

I'm very happy to inform you guys that Molly's doing great. Megan texted me last week to congratulate me about my citizenship. She also sent me pictures that you can see in our pictures section, down below.

Please, don't forget that we need the father's footprints ASAP.

Have a great week

Ms. Priscilla, Ms. Monica, Ms. Joni and Ms. Makeisha