Marketing I

Angie Kirchner


My hobbies include playing guitar, making lots of pancakes, battling sharks, and raising my pet chicken.
(By the way, I lied about the sharks. That would be cool, though.)

(Not really my chicken, but the same kind)

My Family

My parents are serious Renaissance Festival nuts, so I won't see them on the weekends for the next couple months. Aside from that, I have four sisters.

When I Grow up.....

I don't really know what I want to do in the future.

My Summer

I aimed to get really buff this summer, but instead picked up my guitar again, starting learning my favorite punk songs, and discovered more ways to make pancakes than any one person should ever eat.

My Life Outside of Class

This year, I am the Props Designer and Head, which basically means I'm in charge of anything and everything that comes on or off the stage or decorates the set.