Derek Jeter A Great Leader

Shortstop and captain of the New York Yankees

Derek Jeter's Childhoood

When Derek Jeter was a child his parents made him sign a contract every year that set acceptble and unacceptable forms of behavior. His mother told him that he should never use the word "can't". His younger sister was a softball star and his father played as a shortstop in Tennessee. He lived in Michigan during the school year and during the summer he would live with his grandparents in the summer in New Jersy. His grandeparents took him to many Yankee games.Him became a passionate fan. Watching Yankees player Dave Winfield inspired him to pursue a career in baseball.

Leader Traits Derek Jeter has

Derek Jeter takes charge. He is a trusted leader. His team respects and trust him. He doesn't givbee up.

Lessons he has learned over the years

He has learned to never give up because him mom told him to never say the word can't. He has learned trust is a key element of being a leader.

His Impact on Others

He has taught other people not to say can't and to never give up no matter how tough it gets.

leadership traits derek jeter and i share

We both know its better to noit give up. We both put other people before ourselves. This will help by being able for people to trust me.

His most helpful trait

His most helpful trait his being trustworthy because with out that people would second guess everything he would say and nobody would listen to him.

What make Him a great leader

I think his ability to never give up is the reason why i look up to him as a great leader.

Leaders and their skills

Leaders do not always have top show their skills as long as they do most of the time.

Good leadership skills

Trustworthy, never give up, always try your best, and always help others