Talented Writers Needed!!!

Kier Cowand

Job Description!

Writers create books, scripts, ads, articles, manuals, and other written materials.

Generally, there are two kinds of writing: fiction and non-fiction.

Fiction writers use their imaginations to create the plots and characters of their stories. Sometimes, they also have to research the subject matter they are writing about. For instance, writers setting a murder mystery in 18th century England will do research into life in England at the time. Novelists, poets, playwrights, and screenwriters all fall into the category of fiction writers.

Non-fiction writers don’t imagine or create the events and people they are writing about. These writers relate the facts. Journalists, for example, gather and write news and views from the world around them.

I'd prefer to be a novelist that writes for young adults and researches into topics that makes my stories more relate-able. I'd probably research into topics relating to mythology or old folktales.

Work Place!

  • Non-fiction writers work for governments, media outlets, ad agencies, and all kinds of businesses
  • Most fiction writers are self-employed
  • Work from home or in an office
  • Hours vary depending on the type of writing
  • Writers often work alone

Since writers work alone they usually work more creatively than most jobs, being able to work to their own abilities and ideas.

Earnings!!!! *money*

  • $28,000 to $106,000 a year
  • Earnings depend on the type of writing
  • Some may receive grants or royalties
  • Freelancers are paid by the word, hour, or projects.

Typical Earnings Range



  • A degree is usually required for non-fiction writers
  • Knowledge of the industry you write about
  • No formal requirements for fiction writers
  • Courses in creative writing are a good idea
  • Level of Education

    High School

    2-year College/
    Technical Training

    ***4-year College/University

What do I think about my job???

Well I know this job isn't for most people since it's a lonely life being a writer. The only people you really work with are your publishers and editors. Even though being a writer gives you lots of freedom these two types of people have a lot of influence over you. So if you like working to your abilities only and are unable to accept criticism then this job isn't for you.

Being a writer requires a lot of creativity, even if your a non fiction writer you better be springing with ideas. I have to tell you though getting those ideas and thoughts down on paper or a computer screen is an amazing feeling and it makes you keep going and going for quite a bit of time.

One of the problems that most writers have is known as "writer's block." The best way to solve this is to go outside or do something to not think about your story. Most people think that writers just sit at a computer all day typing their lives away. It's NOT! Writers spend loads of time just walking around or doing activities to gain inspiration.

This job is not for many people, but if your head explodes with ideas, you like working alone, and you like to have a lot of free time...then being a writer is a good career choice for you.