GaVS Japanese I  

Frayer-sensei News Letter #4, Sept 15, 2016

Course Updates

Please check your schedules and make sure you have completed assignments from 9/2/2016 through 9/15/2016. After the deadline, assignments that are missing have a zero inserted in the gradebook. Please submit the assignments that are missing asap. Penalties begin on 9/16/2016.

Fall Break - GaVS Policy

If your local school has a Fall Break, remember GaVS does not. Planning ahead is the key to meeting the assignment due dates.

No extensions will be granted for Fall Breaks and the late work policy will apply. Enjoy Your Fall Break! Plan Ahead!

Check the feedback!

When you submit your assignments, please make sure to submit them in the correct dropbox. Wrongly submitted assignments will not be graded since the grade is associated with the dropbox.

If your file was not in one of the approved formats, you will be responsible for resubmitting before the due date. Please check the feedback on the graded assignments. (For the test feedback, please go to Test -> Submissions -> Attempt 1.)

JapanFest Atlanta, Sep 17 & 18

This year's Japan Fest will be held on Sept 17 (Sat) & 18 (Sun) at Gwinnett Convention Center.
Enjoy performances, workshops and Japanese food!