Fable Story

Kelli Marshall Hour 7

The Cycle of Kindness

A long rime ago there was a little black kitten her name was Monet. She was treated very unkindly because the color of her fur. There was only one other cat was kind to her. His name was Geronimo. Geronimo was an energetic kitten, and he never card what other animals thought about him. One day a group of dogs came up to Monet and started piking on her she decided that instead of fighting back that she would just walk away and not care.

The next day the dogs were getting picked on by some cows. Monet decided that she would be kind and help them out. So she grabbed Geronimo and other cats, and they all started meowing and hissing as loud as they could at the cows. The dogs were stunned that a cat they were so rude and mean to was being so kind to them. After that day on the dog were nice to Monet and everyone decided that it doesnt matter what people/animals look like its the inside that counts.

Life Lesson/Moral

Be kind to everyone even if they aren't nice to you. No matter what you should be nice to everyone.