Athens wars and house to live

Zeus's life

The city of Athens.

Welcome to a great place to live! Poor people live in a small house and the rich people live in a big and comfortable house. The city of Athens was named after Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. A person named Pericles was a Athens leader of the government. Under Pericles leadership, Athens paid the salaries of men who held public office. Athens had many wars, it was called the Trojan war. Greeks and Sparta went to war against each other. The Greek and the Sparta sign a peace contract for 30 years, but it only lasted for 14 years before they went back to fighting again. The war was the Peloponnsian war. The Peloponnesian war went on for 10 years, but now Athens and Sparta both went down together. So the war never happened again.

Zeus's life.

Zeus was the king of the gods .his dad was Cronus and his mother Rhea and there was prophecy that one child will take Cronus over so every time rhea gave birth. Cronus ate all his kids, then one day Rhea had a baby and Cronus said bring me the baby. Then Rhea gave Cronus a rock and Rhea hid the baby away and raise the baby. Rhea named the baby Zeus. Zeus got older and Zeus gave Cronus wine mixed in mustered. And Cronus throw up all the baby's that Cronus had eaten and there were fully grown. Then Zeus became the king of the gods and goddess. Then every year we have a celebration called the Olympics. People build a stature of Zeus made out of gold and Ivoire. Zeus's symbol was a lighting and he controlled the weather.