Chef. Edward

his successful 7 habits

His Fine restaurant, LAB XXIV

LAB XXIV is the first Edward Kwon owned restaurant, hotel head chef of the seven star Burj AL Arab in Dubai. Named after the word 'laborartory', signifying he's thinking about and experiment on food 24 hours a day this restaurant with only 52 seats offers top-notch services to each of its customers.

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음성녹음00002 by 이혜민

1.Be proactive

When he was about to graduate his college, he wanted catch first his career in hotel. For that, he applied internship for new opening hotel in Seoul and studied the whole chain of it. He always came earlier than he should be and worked hard. He was very desperate to become a regular employee. He took lots of efforts to achieve what he really wanted.

2. Begin with the end in mind

When he was working in Ritz Carlton Hotel in Seoul, he wanted to work oversea, so he planned to try to have good relationships with foreign chefs or cooks. When he succeeded something small, he moved next stage to achieve big goals. Eventually, he started only with communicating foreigners but resulted in being recruited by hotel in San Francisco.

3. Put first things first

When he started to live and work in San Francisco, he was so upset by himself because he was scolded by his chef. He shouted at him as an idiot because he didn't bring an right kind of apple. Edward thought himself that he needs to study more. Instead of take rest, he chose to go market after the work and study all kinds of different food ingredients. He knew studying cuisine during his free time was very important for his career.

4. Think win-win

after working in Tianjin, he decided to move workplace. He applied hotels in India, Bahamas and Dubai. He knew those three hotels are all great and have good reputation but he felt the hotel in Dubai will have more potentials. He suggested his ideal salary first during contract. Actually, he suggested 30% more salary than others receive. However, he showed and explained his ability to bring benefits for the company. It shows that both Edward and the hotel in Dubai had win-win negotiation.

5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood

During working in the San Francisco, Edward was preparing charity event for children. When he was discussing about menu with chefs, one of cooks came into kitchen and suggested his idea about certain food. It was quite surprised for Edward because in Korea, no employee would dare to tell right or wrong about his boss's idea. However, US was different. he understood he needs to repect employee's opinion to improve teamwork and take repectation from them.

6. Synergize

Every place he worked in like New York, Tianjin, and Dubai always needed teamwork. Obviously , there a lots of kinds of people in kitchen. They have different cultures, societies or aspect. Some of them were very hard to cooperate. However, he knew if he has to make perfect dishes for his customer, he would work with his peers who are not being polite to him.

7. Sharpen the Saw

even though he became a head chef of Buz Al Arab in Dubai, he always read books and studied as always as he did. He thought himself that he is not satisfied with his present state. He still wants more and learn more. Although he i is running his own restaurant now, he is keeping reading books, making new recipes for his customers.