Got Talent?

Try out for the talent show!

WAVA High School would like to open this up to all K-12 students.

ASB Talent Show (Live and Streaming Online) Feb 29th 3-5pm.

For the first time ever, the WAVA High ASB will be holding a hybrid Live/Online Talent Show both Online and at the Great Wolf Lodge at the end of this month. Participants and spectators can either be LIVE at the Great Wolf Lodge or participate virtually!

If you have a talent that you would like to showcase, please audition for the show by completing this short survey. We are looking for a short sample of your talent. The amount of time each participant will have will be determined once we know how many candidates there will be. This talent show is open to all WAVA students (all ages) and WAVA staff!

If you are interested in trying out for the Talent Show, please complete this survey where you will be able to submit a video clip of your skills! Auditions are due by Feb 21st.

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