Family Pets

Why you should get a labrador retriever.

If you ever wanted a cuddle, or snuggle get a lab.

Labs Are Great Helpers

First, labs are great helpers. For example they help fisherman accomplish their job by picking up nets and ropes. Labs are obviously wonderful pets for this career choice. Labs also make great guide dogs. “More than one –third of guide dogs in North America are labs.”(pg. 31) It’s mostly because of their intelligence that they are so helpful. Lastly labs are being used more and more in the police force. It’s because they don’t frighten the public like a German Shepard would.

The labs special trait.

Next are the labs special traits. They have smooth, glossy coat hair that is short, straight, and thick. That’s why they don’t shed so much. This is great for an easy cleaning with a vacuum. Also their kind and gentle expression is soothing. “Their warm and friendly eyes will touch your heart.” (pg.23) But the most unique feature is the labs tail. It’s because it is shaped just like an otter’s. That’s why they are such great swimmers.

Why the labs are good family pets.

Finally they are great family dogs. They are well behaved and easy to keep in the house. They are easy to train because of the labs great patience. “Labs love all family members.” (pg.33)They love little kids and are kind and gentle with them. Some may call them a harmless giant. Lastly they have lots of energy and love the outdoors. So they love to play, explore, and swim.