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Fast facts

Continent: Asia

Capital: Hanoi

Population: 94,348,835

Area: 127,881

Main Language: Vietnamese

Main Religions: NONE :0

Distance from Capital to D.C.: 8,313.23 miles


One American dollar is equal to 22,154 Vietnamese dongs. lots of people do farming. Some people have started to open new business. Farmers have also started to go to cities to work in factories. Vietnam has also started to make plastic money.


Vietnam has 6 day schooling because they value education. Even though they have 6 days instead of 5, they have 4 hour school days. Schools are normally crowded so they have morning and afternoon rotations. Instead of bells in school they have GONGS :0. Also most kids have private tutoring on Sundays too.


Vietnam is a peninsula. The entire country is shaped like a s. From its most northern part to its most southern it is only 994 miles. At its narrowest point from east to west its only 25 miles across. Also it has common flooding.
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what i want to do / where i want to go

I want to go see the lunar new year holiday. I want to see it because they decorate the roads and sidewalks with all sorts of lights and ribbons and get presents. They also invite a close friend or relative Because they think if they do the house will be blessed. they also decorate the house in peach blossoms to ward off evil spirits.