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4.9-Acidification Lab Quiz

Acid Rain

Gases dissolved in our atmosphere:

CO2, Sulfur Dioxide, and Hydrogen Chloride create an acidic solution

Carbon acid --> Dissolved CO2

Sulfur dioxide --> "acid rain" = Kill forest, pollute water (rivers, lakes, pond)

- Volcanoes and industrial pollution

Limestone and Sinkholes

Limestone: porous (holds water), soft, and soluble in water (carbonic acid)

Florida sinkholes occur because:

Lots of limestone

Water underground (aquifer)

Once covered with ocean --> soft calcium deposits (deep animals)

Labs: Two Gases and Acidification

Sulfuric Acid

Discovered in 8th century by Alchemist --> Alchemy --> Chemistry


Lead Acid batteries (cars)


Steel industry --> prevents rust corrosion

Dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

Ocean Acidification

Normal ocean ph is 8.1-8.4

Ocean's oh has decreased 0.1 (about 25%)

Lower ocean ph means sea animals with shells with not be able to make a shell (clams, shrimp, clams, etc.)