Today is a FRESH BOX of CRAYONS!

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What will YOU colour for your Business this Spring?

If you ask me..there are few things better than the smell of a brand new box of new crayons. All those perfect points, perfect colours, all line up telling you to take a chance, to pick a color and be creative.

Why wouldn't you take a chance? – Peel the paper off and then colour like CRAZY!!!

What would YOU draw? What colors would you pull out first if you could have your pick? What if you could color ANYTHING for your life and your Business, knowing that the blank piece of paper could be filled with anything you could ever imagine!

I pulled a list of the TOP 25 on our team by SALES & SPONSORING and I pulled YOU!

You bet girl! You're a BIG BEjeweled DEAL!!!

You have that COLORFUL quality that we are looking for! Are you ready to be BRAVE, BOLD and BRIGHT over the next 3 months?

I'd love to help you achieve your CRAZY, TECHNICOLOR DREAMS over the next several months leading up to HOOPLA!

So are YOU ready to rip open the box and DREAM BIG?

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What is YOUR WHY? Let's put something on paper...

I'm sending YOU a Fresh Box of Crayons in the mail! WATCH FOR THEM!

Start thinking today about what YOU will colour for YOURSELF, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR FAMILY over the next three months.

Then let's BUST OUT the colors!

Grab a plan sheet of paper and FILL IT UP. Let's see what you can dream for yourself!

Then SHARE IT on the BEjeweled FB page! Let's inspire our inner artist and others too while we're add it and get to it!

Here's MINE. And guess what, YOU are a HUGE part of my why for the next three months!

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CAN'T WAIT to see yours too!

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Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!



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