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BOOK OF LOVE- Kaya Borlase

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Mood Poem- Love

I feel love

Not like the relationship, head over-heels type of love

Not like the obsessed with a human being type of love

Not like the go crazy if I'm not with you type of love

But love like your willing to sacrifice just to make others happy in your life

like no matter what those you hold dear do it won't lessen your affection of them

like the knowledge that no matter what you do in your life, you will always have something to fall back on because you are forgiven by Someone who died to know you


Song- The Face of Love by Sanctus Real

The Face of Love - Sanctus Real

Bumper Stickers:

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-This is a very basic definition of love that is how I feel about love. Love is truly unconditional, and these are the positive sides of love. In my life, there are moments when it is difficult to show love, but I keep on striving to show all the sides of what it truly means to love people.
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-Love is very important to me. While love doesn't make the world go round (in a human love sense), it makes any situation better when one knows that people are out there and care about you enough to love you. It honestly keeps me going through all of the bad days and good days.
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-My family goes through multiple struggles. They range from different siblings brawls to more difficult issues that come with adoption. It isn't easy to always live in my house, but despite conflict, I can feel love emanating off of the walls whenever I walk in because of all that we have been through together. I treasure both bad and good times because they show me how to love unconditionally.
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-My life is full of ups and downs. Honestly, if I didn't have love in my life I wouldn't be pushing myself as much as I do. Just as this quote says, my life would be nothing if I didn't have the love of my Almighty Father, family, and friends. In my own words, it would be like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips!
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-Love in my life also involves serving others. I am constantly trying to put others needs above my own and serve others so I can show them the love that was granted unto me.
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-Most importantly, love in eminent in my life in what God did for me. Some people have contrary beliefs, but I believe that God sent His only Son to die for me and forgive my sins. As a result of this, I need not fear the world because I always can rely on God and His love for me.

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