The Absolutely True Diary

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Newspaper Project by Alexis Munoz

Advice Column

Your advice column will go here. It will be a letter written to a famous advice columnist. We used Carolyn Hax.

Carolyn Hax:

You will write her in at least five sentences as a character from your book asking for advice that your character might would ask about in the book. Keep the name anonymous when you sign who it is from.

~Fat Bear (Winnie the Pooh)

Fat Bear:

Write back giving advice the that character in at least five sentences.


Movie Review

(The Absolutely Diary Of A Part-Time Indian) This book is about a boy, named Arnold Spirit Junior,who is born different from all the other students, he was born with water on his brain. He is deformed, his head is bigger then his body, his feet are huge, an he has one eye bigger then the other.

Arnold has a best friend named Rowdy. Arnold's best friend, a tough-guy, Rowdy spends quite a bit of time with Arnold's family, since his own is abusive.

Rowdy is Arnold's only friend. Rowdy protect Arnold from danger. A lot of kids at school like to bully Arnold, just because he is born different from all the other student. Rowdy fights all of Arnold's battles, because he knows what can happen to Arnold if he gets hit in the head. There friendship goes down hill when Arnold tells Rowdy he is changing to a different school. Rowdy gets so upset at Arnold because there will be no one there to protect him, Rowdy gets so upset he just wants to punch Arnold in the face. Instead he just walks away. They stop talking, what brings them apart even more is when Arnold Tells Rowdy about a girl he fell in love with, named Phenelope.

when Arnold attends Reardan, he encounters a lot of racism. He deals with a lot of racist comments from his white classmates and the father of Penelope, the girl he likes, he also notes that Reardan's school mascot is an Indian. Furthermore, on a systemic level, racism and the attempted genocide of the Native peoples of North America are direct reasons for the way Arnold and his family live: on a reservation, stricken by poverty and alcoholism. These are remnants of the systemic violence against a entire population.

The end of the movie is between Rowdy and Arnold. They play a one-on-one game of basketball. Rowdy tells Arnold that Arnold is a nomad and accepts the fact that Arnold has left the reservation. Meanwhile, Arnold has decided that he is multi-tribal. He has found a way of looking at himself that is not solely based on "white" or "Indian." He belongs to many different tribes.

Quote- "Life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community.”

Feature Article

Arnold was born with water on his brain. He was born with a lot of health issues. He has to be careful with his body, because he can die if he damages his head. It is very weak, sensitive, and fragile.

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