After the Fire


Will Melissa jump off the cliff with Alice?


After the Fire is about a girl named Melissa who is on summer vacation with her mother and brother, at a lake called Flycatcher Lake in Bear Creek, Kelowna B.C. At the cabin she is staying at she finds a canoe at the end of the dock that peered out into the lake. She decides to take the canoe out to the island that she heard of on the lake. She wanted to get away from her mother, and brother. She paddles out the other side of the island. She finds a girl standing knee deep in the water. She girl shouts "Do you come in war or peace." Melissa was confused.

The next day she goes back to the same spot and the girl was there again. She offers Melissa to come and see the tree fort that she had built on the island. Melissa and the girl Alice become best friends and they decided to make a deal to jump of the cliff that was at the end of the lake. Alice's brother Austin had done it and he said it was amazing. Alice and Melissa get in a fight because Melissa told Alice that she might not jump on the day to jump. Alice and Melissa don’t speak for the rest of the canoe ride back to the island. When they get back to the island Melissa gets out and jumps into her own canoe and goes back to the cabin. Melissa told Sharlene all about Alice and Sharlene decides to invite Alice to go fishing with her and her brother Cody. So they go fishing and Cody caught a fish. So they go back to the cabin and Sharlene invites Alice to stay for lunch. Melissa starts to talk to Alice and invites her to her birthday that her mom had mentioned she might be having.

After that Melissa doesn’t talk to Alice for a while. She gets a letter that says Alice’s mom is in the hospital because of depression so Alice has to move to Toronto with her aunt until her mom gets better.


Bear creek.

Kelowna B.C.

During summer break.

At a lake called Flycatcher Lake.

My rating of the book:

I would rate this book a 4 out of 5. Considering it kind of just ends with a cliffhanger and there is not a second book. The pros of this book are that it was cool reading something that took place on Kelowna. And reading something that happens to a girl my age kind of makes me open my eyes. The cons of this book are that it does end with kind of a cliffhanger, and some parts confused me so I had to go back and read it again. But either than that I think over all it was a great book I recommend it.


Protagonist: The protagonist in this book is Melissa. She is an 11 year old girl. She admits that she is depressed. She is a loner, she doesn't have many friends. She is a very good artist. She also seems shy as she doesn't want to approach any of her mom's friends.

Antagonist: There is really only one antagonist in this book and it is Austin, Alice's brother. He is a tall scrawny boy with blonde hair. What Alice told Melissa about Austin is the exact opposite of what he actually is. She said he always would let her use his stuff and would go on picnics with her. But she lied he is doesn't like her and he fights with her all the time, and hates it when she uses his stuff.

moments of impact

My favorite part of the book is when they actually got to the cabin and explained what they saw, because then i could compare what i thought it was going to look like to what it actually did look like. i also liked when Cody ( Melissa little brother) was scared to put his face in the water because he had a huge temper-tantrum.

what makes a book great

What makes a book great?

Things that make a book great are characters you can relate the same age, attitude and likes as the reader. Second a thing that makes a book great is if it is real life in a real place on earth that you can identify. Third thing that makes a book great and interesting is if it is a real life situation (death, war, bullying). Last thing that makes a book great is if it doesn't just tell about the main character but if it tells what the other characters are doing meanwhile.


After the Fire is a great novel because it has all the stuff a great book needs: relatable characters, real location. The protagonist in this book is an 11 year old girl she is adventurous, but not out going. This book pretty much takes place in our back yard Bear Creek Kelowna B.C. I can relate to this because I have been camping in Bear Creek.

Things that make a book great are relatable characters, relatable location, and a strong story line that is possible to relate to and could actually happen