Miss Schmitz's Fabulous Firsties

A Peek into Your Child's 1st Grade Class

Happy October!

Happy October, families! The first month of school flew right by and we are well into the month of October! I hope you all are enjoying this year of first grade.

Here are some celebrations:

  • Our class is making HUGE reading gains! 90% of our students have increased their reading levels.
  • Our class is LOVING writing! All of our students have completed one book for writing! How exciting. I'm loving seeing all the fun things your families are doing as we work on writing personal stories.
  • Our class is being talked about at "Taft Elementary" as one of the most respectful classes, even if we are noisy! :)

I am celebrating big time with your kids! Please join me and encourage them in these things! :)

Book Orders :)

Just a reminder that you are able to order book orders all throughout the year online. When you are at the checkout, just simply type in our class code which is P73GQ. If you have any questions about the Book Orders, I'm more than happy to help.

Fire Prevention Week

This week we talked Fire Prevention. We had a hilarious skit during Friday morning from the Neenah-Menasha Fire Dept. This coming Monday we will be sending home our "Detector Contract" which encourages your child to check their fire detectors to see if they work. If they bring back their contract they could win a "day at the fire station". They would get to eat with the firefighters and enjoy a day at the fire station instead of coming into school. Below are some great pictures from the event! :)

Library Books

All of our students have been great at getting library books back in. Yesterday I sent home a note of students who currently have overdue books and hopefully you'll be able to find them before a replacement fee. Thank you!

Class Dojo

Most everybody is signed up for Class Dojo! It is such a great way for us to navigate student behaviors together and so I want to thank you for taking time to sign up for Dojo! It isn't too late to sign up. If you'd like to, please send me an email. Also, some of you have asked about points that are taken away and I'm trying to keep up with sending little notes when I take points away. However, I need you to trust me as your child's teacher that when we are taking points away it is to have an opportunity to re-teach your child expected behaviors and to allow them the opportunity to acknowledge that they made a choice that wasn't safe. I often times will give them the idea about parents driving cars. We often say this, "If your mom is driving you to school and she drives too fast, she might either have to pay a fine or she might get talked to by the police officer. It doesn't mean your mom is a bad girl, it just means that she needs to be reminded that we can't drive as fast as we want because there are rules in Wisconsin. We have rules in our school to keep us safe, too." Thank you for your endless support!


Pickles are sold every other Thursday.

Popcorn is sold every Tuesday for 50 cents.

Spirit Sticks are sold every other Friday for $1.

Upcoming Dates!

October 22nd- Class Field Trip to Mosquito Hill in New London

October 23rd- PTO Dance

October 28th- Parent- Teacher Conferences

October 29th- Early Release and Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 30th- No School :)

One Last Thing..

Your children are great- and I mean, REALLY, really incredible tiny humans. I'm so blessed to be their teacher! Here are some moments we've enjoyed together the past few weeks!
Big image

Taft Staff is the Best Staff! :)

Miss Schmitz's Contact Information

I'm always happy to have conversation about your child with you! I coach on Monday's and Wednesday's after school, but any other time you want to set-up for a meeting or phone call, please do. I also email regularly.