Tearin Dirt Up

Dirt Biking

Why Dirt Bike?

The thrill it will give you. Dirt biking is amazing, so nice to have a motor with two wheels between your legs. The ability to twist your wrist, and go eighty miles per hour. At any time or point you can go flying off. Nothing can beat that, so much of a thrill, excitement, and it’s a big adrenalin rush. Just make sure you have the right stuff and knowledge before you just go and ride a dirt bike.

Gear = No Fear

The right stuff is gear. Having gear will help you out in so many ways. Having no gear while dirt biking, is like taking a crap and you look over an no toilet paper. gear is important, yo need a helmet, goggles, gloves, riding pants, and boots. But those are just basic needs for your body. You also need things like a way to get your dirt bike somewhere where you can ride. Gas for the way out and for your dirt bike. Carrie a backpack with a camel pack and necessary things. When you have all of this it makes you more confident. Another thing that is gear is someone to ride with.


No matter what, the biggest rule in dirt biking is don't ride alone. Riding alone is so dangerous. Why ride alone there is always someone willing to go ride with you. Find anyone you can, your family members, or friends, co workers, anyone will work.