Baby Shower !

Come out to celebrate the new baby boy ! comming soon

We would love for you to come out and celebrate the new up coming life of my baby boy, there will be food provided for kids and adult , lots of activities will be going on, so bring your game face and come enjoy yourself in having a whole lot of fun.


Wednesday, March 18th, 1-4pm

12303 Sonnier Street

Houston, TX

Shed #6



Kids will have the option of pizza, Adults will have the option of hamburgers or Smokey grilled hot dogs. Many option of delicious desserts will also be served with a hint of tres leches cake to top off.

We will aslo distibute candy bags at the end of the party to any kids that came to share these memories.


The theme of the party will be Mickey Mouse !

-balloon will be red , black and white

-Table cloth with the design of mickey mouse

-home designed centerpieces of mickey mouse

-Plastic cups, plates and napkins of mickey mouse

Tables & chairs

-There will be four benches and tables , a total od 12 people can sit around


- we will play classic hip hop.


-changing the diaper game

-toilet paper game ( guess how big?)

-Who can drink out of the bottle faster ?

-Collet cotton ball on top of you head with spoon

-see how many clips you can hold in your hand at once

-Don't cross your legs

Special Needs

-There will be ramps for any stroller and wheel chairs needed