Denied Detained Deported

Stories From The Dark Side Of American Immmigration

By Ann Bausum

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform, a major topic in American Politics plays an important role in dividing political parties, political candidates, political action committees, and elected officals. Where you stand on immigration reform? What would you do about the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country now? Would you like to see a pathway to citizenship? What would you do to secure the border? Would you have less qualifications or more qualifications for the legal immigration system? These are all questions that America, as a nation has to look at.

To find more about how the legal immigration system was created, do some research. This might help to develop your opinons about where you might stand. Also, consider reader this book by Ann Bausum to learn more about immigration and how it affects our nation. You will learn the stories of those who sought religous or political freedom, a better job, less persecution, and an overall better life. You will learn the facts of the legal immigration system, the history of illegal immigrants, and how our nation is dealing with the broken system right now .

Definitions of Key Words

Reform- the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, etc.

Politics- the science or art of political government

Immigration- the act of immigrating

Citizenship- the state of being vested with rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen

Qualifications- the act of qualifying