Written By: Ashley, Rephania & Sarah

Want to know this years elections overview, who is in the race, what are they promising? How will this affect Australian's?


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The Main Competitors

Kevin Michael Rudd - ALP (Kevin 07) 'A better way, A smarter way , A new way'


During the leaders debate in 2013 Kevin Rudd promised if re-elected he would be taking the first step towards making gay marriage official, describing it as a "mark of decency to the same-gender couples".

He announced a bill on this issue would come before parliament within 100 days only if the Labor party wins another term and his party will be allowed a conscience vote.

Rodney Croome has welcomed Mr Rudd'd position on the issue, however he says gay marriages has little chances of being legalized in Australia until the Coalition allows a conscience vote.


This issue effects us Australians in the way of how we treat each other, either in justice or dis-respectfully. Also this can change the discrimination on the basis of race, your gender or your like. <== (Gender of.......)

This also affects the people oversea's opinion on how Australia is fair and socially just. This is because gay people can have marriages, however their countries might not have the opportunity for the gay citizens to be officially married.


One of Kevin Rudd's promises was to create a small business which claims an immediate $10 000 tax deduction. He was handed $500 to be able to purchase new tools and announced that he will be developing and increasing better opportunities of employment to a decent job for jobless Australians.

Labor also has a vision where all our kids get the education, skills and training they need.

We envision an Australia where homes and businesses are wired to the world through modern broadband technology.

It's an Australia with one of the world's best health and hospital systems, which looks after the elderly and those with disabilities. Labor has a $1 billion plan to create jobs.We will tackle unemployment through a new jobs,Labor has a $15 billion Better Schools Plan to ensure our children get more one-on-one attention in the classroom.

Mr Abbott will make it harder for hundreds of thousands of families to make ends meet.

Labor is building the national broadband network to provide affordable, superfast broadband for families and businesses.

Labor will continue investing in our health and hospital system which will support us.

Furthermore, Labor is building co-operative workplaces and are supporting women with work.


This can affect us Australians in a positive way, reason being it makes it easier for us as Aussie's to seek for job opportunities. As the available jobs out they're are increasing.


Mr Rudd promised if re-elected for the job as P.M, he will be stopping refugees arriving in Australia by boat and they will be sent to Papua New Guinea permanently. Even if they traveled from another country. Many people's opinions in PNG are actually quite similar, they all believe that this new promise Kevin Rudd is trying to make an official law is pathetic and un-reasonable!

As an extra 205 asylum-seekers have arrived in Australia and another boat sank off Indonesia which resulted in at least nine people dead! Kevin Rudd announced that his policy was working, but concluded that it would take time to show results and develop for the asylum-seekers.


This will effect us Australians positively, as it will leave more jobs left for us and increase more opportunities for us to seek for. Furthermore, it will leave more space and land for us to live on and to be able to form a family or house.

This would make it easier for us as Australians to live!

Kevin Rudd's pledge to make a new Australia

A New Way

Tony Abbott - LIB

In the rights and freedom of all people we work towards a government that minimises interference in our daily lives; and maximises individual initiative.

In a government that encourages its citizens through incentive, rather than putting limits on people through burdensome taxes.

In a just society in where the importance of the family and the role of law and justice is maintained.

In equal opportunity for all Australians and the encouragement and facilitation of wealth so that all may enjoy the highest possible standards of living, health, education and social justice.

That, wherever possible, government should not compete with an efficient private businesses and individuals - not government - are the true creators of wealth and employment.

In preserving Australia's natural beauty and the environment for future generations.

That our nation has a role to play in maintaining world peace and democracy through alliance with other free nations.

We simply believe in individual freedom and free enterprise; and if you share this belief, then ours is the Party for you.

Tony Abbott's Plan For Australia

Our Plan

Christine Milne - GRN


We need to encourage clean energy investment in Australia. While the old parties tackling global warming, pricing pollution and building clean energy, the Greens have a plan to stand strong for a 100% renewable Australia.

Global warming is already hurting, with floods and heatwaves already becoming more frequent and dangerous. That means we need to urgently cut the pollution. Still, the old parties are propping up big fossil fuel companies with billions of dollars in tax, pushing projects that endanger our food, water & farmers.


The Greens will try to cut pollution and encourage clean energy investment in Australia for a safe climate for everyone. They will keep action on global warming at the core of what we do.


Australia’s education system is under pressure. From underfunded public schools to the Labor-Liberal university cuts, and from TAFE cuts and privatisations to childcare waiting lists that are years long — we need a new approach.

The Greens have always stood up for education as the foundation of a fair society, and always will.


They will deliver more funding to public schools. They will be proud to join students, staff and researchers to oppose the Labor-Liberal university cuts, and are the only party with a plan for a 10% increase in base funding for higher education.

We’ll invest more in TAFE and protect its place as our leading provider of education. We’ll help early childhood education providers give more places to local children.

Christine wants you to vote for Greens

Greens TVC 2013 via Republic of Everyone

Other Candidates