Oil Spills

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main issues with oil spills

  • the effect of oil spills can be experienced with refined petroleum or waste oil from large scale industry's, the damage caused by oil spills is permanent and hard to clean up.
  • after oil reaches the water, the shiny substance on top of the water is nothing but oil and unfortunately is makes it hard for plants and sea animals to survive.

effects on the environment

if you're an animal that live on the shore or in the water, you will be most effected by an oil spill. the oil will, in most cases, choke the birds or fish to death. with birds, if a young bird that still needs its parent to feed it cannot detect their natural body scent, that bird will very often starve to death. the oil also might cause sea animals to find it hard to regulate their body temperatures.

oil spill locations

I wouldn't say there is a most common place for oil spills, I say this because a spill can a occur in any sea. one of the biggest oil spills in history happened on March 4th, 1989. They named this spill Exxon Valdez. Just about 11 million gallons got dumped into Prince William sound, Alaska. this oil spill is #1 in the United States.

effect on wildlife

almost all oil floats, so the animals most effected by oil spills are animals that are found on the sea surface, and animals that come along the shore. this includes animals like sea otters and seabirds. also, oil can cover dolphins, whales, and porpoises blowholes. the oil will eventually enter their lungs, making breathing very difficult.

oil spills near Texas

oil spills have happened in the Galveston Bay, Gulf Coast of Mexico, and Texas City shores. On Sunday, march 23, globs of tar and oil were seen along the Texas city shores


oil spills can commonly be caused by people being careless or making a mistake, equipment breaking down or natural disasters such as hurricanes. it is very hard for scientists to find a solution.


in a theoretical world, oil spills would not happen at all. oil spills usually happen on accident and there's no way we can change that in my opinion.
The Oil Spill