Fogarus and Humidus

one effects billions

Fogarus and Humidus

Some gods live upon the clouds with buildings, furnishings, silver wear, and even tools made of gold and other precious minerals. However these luxuries come with a steep price. Under the great weight of the city, the clouds plummeted to earth! Attempting to find a solution, the gods chose the biggest and strongest god to hold the clouds up for all eternity, and this god so happened to be Fogarus.

Although Fogarus did not want to do this, with having a new child, he could not disagree with the all mighty and powerful Zeus because he would kill his son. To make Fogarus life easier, he asked his son one simple request, to stay on the clouds at all times where he would be safe.

All Fogarus thought of the request was one less thing to worry about. However Humidus thought his dad was saying that he was not old nor strong enough to survive on earth. Out of anger and disbelief when Fogarus was holding the clouds above a small village, Humidus snuck off the clouds and down into the village.

As Humidus walked through the village and farms he was amazed to see all these new things he never saw upon the clouds. He even made friends with some of the kids in the village! Although it was strange for the kids to see such a big person as Humidus was almost twenty six feet tall. He was also very skinny with curly black hair that came half way down his forehead. Humidus showed all the kids his powers and tricks like his ability to fly. He even picked up one of the small buildings. Humidus was having so much fun that he didn’t even realize that he missed supper! His mom would be looking all over for him and when she couldn’t find him he would ask Fogarus if he had seen him, and he would know that he was on earth and be punished for life.

Just as he remembered that fact, he also realized that the clouds where getting closer to the earth than ever before. Soon after the atmosphere turned gray and it became harder to see. In a panic, Humidus flew franticly fast trying to get back on top of the clouds before his father could find him. Just as he could see the gateway of the clouds he was abruptly stopped. When he regained sense of his surroundings he saw his father was right in front of him. “Son, I asked of you one favor and you did not comply!” Roared Fogarus. “You shall be punished by the force of one thousand suns!”

From that day on, every time Humidus messes up he has to hold the clouds up that day, however he was not strong enough to hold them up so they would fall to earth and the mortals call it fog. It showed the mortals how the action of one being can effect so many others.