Renewable and Nonrenewable Resouces

Found In Florida

Renewable Resources

These are resources that you can use more than once. They are the opposite from a Nonrenewable resource. Many things in Florida are renewable resources. Can you list the objects that are renewable resources? There are many renewable resources that are in your house. Below are some of Florida's renewable resources.


The sun is a renewable resource only because you can use it more than once in your life time. Every morning when you wake up you see the sun rise. All day it shines throw your window. Some people on nice days use it as light. When the sun goes down you know that the sun will come back up and you can use it for light out side again. Another use of the sun is energy. This is called solar energy. Another good use of the sun is that plants use it to make food. Those plants are the plants that we eat.


Do you know the water cycle? You should only because it happens every second. Water is the only source apart of the cycle. In the cycle the water is being used more than once. That is the reason that water is a renewable resource. One thing that we need water is to keep us hydrated. For some machines you need to use water for it to work. Plants that we eat need water to grow.


Wood is a material that we use to make baseball bats out of. We use wood to make houses. During the winter we use wood to keep warm. Some times the burnt wood becomes coal. You can use the coal to be warm again another night. Beavers use wood to make damps. Some of the boats in our world are made of wood. There are many reasons of wood in Florida.

Nonrenewable Resources

A Nonrenewable resource is a resource that you can not use more than once. There are many nonrenewable resources in Florida. Not many resources are Nonrenewable in Florida. We use some of them and we are almost out of the resources, because we use these resources with machines.