Inside a computer


The Motherboard

The Motherboard cables the important parts to one another. For example, it joins the microchip to the hard drive. The Motherboard is a crucial part of any computer.
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CPU (Central Processing Unit) it is the brain of the computer. It does all the processing. It's made of ceramics, and it gets very hot, so it has a piece of metal over the top called the Hot sinc. that reduces the heat.
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RAM or Random Access Memory is the short-term memory of the computer. For example, a person remembering what they had for lunch that day, they are using their short term memory. With computers it's just the same. Once you turn your computer off without saving what you did, it can never be recovered.
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The Hard drive

Is a disk that stores information when you don't need it.
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The Optical Drive

This allows you to play your CD's
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