by Evelyn Mulcahey

Who were Abolitionists? What did they do?

Abolitionists were minority but very vocal. They came from many backgrounds and wanted to ban slavery for many different reasons. Quakers were the first to challenge slavery. Used newspaper and articles to further spread the cause. William Lloyd Garrison founded American Anti Slavery Society. The Liberator and the Anti Slavery Society split. The Underground railway was mostly were free blacks “Workers”. People donated money to support the cause. Abraham Lincoln did not support the underground railway. He was not a abolitionist. Many abolitionists were against him in may ways. People who were caught helping runaway slaves got branded with SS standing for slave stealer on their hand.

William Loyd Garrison

William Lloyd Garrison- Was born on December 10 1805. Son of a merchant. When he was 13 years old became a writer’s Apprentice for 7 years. Met with Benjamin Lundy an anti slavery editor Lundy offered Garrison an editing position. When he was 25 he was part of the American Colonization Society. Society held views that blacks should move west.

Some Top abolitionists

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