Everyday Life in Ancient Greece

by Adam Grabowski

Ancient Greek Housing

Greek houses where generally built in small scale and made of inexpensive material. Women were the care takers of the house, cleaning, dusting, ext. A regular Greek house varied from three to twelve rooms.

Ancient Greek Women

Greek woman had no political rights and were controlled by men most of their lives. A women's job in Ancient Greece was very difficult. These jobs included bearing children, weaving cloths, cooking and taking care of the household.

Ancient Greek Men

In Ancient Greece men were the dominant gender. Men could do many things that women couldn't including joining the cavalry or having a school education. In Ancient Greece men's activities included politics, arts and crafts, construction, agriculture, seafaring, manufacturing and trade.


Agriculture was the most common male activity but was rarely illustrated. Agriculture was so important because most Greek citizens relied on their land for basic income. If your crops were failing you would not survive in Ancient Greece.