Miss maudie "Miss kindness"

#notracist #friendly

Miss Maudie's opinions:

Scout: she is very close friends with scout

Jem: Jem is scouts brother. They are friends but they don't spend as much time as scout

Dill: a friend of Jem's they hang out only when Jem comes with him

Atticus's father: she thinks he is a great father, but when it comes to his job, he is kinda inexperienced.

Stephanie Crawford: she thinks of her as one of those people that spread rumors everywhere.

Boo radley: she thinks of him as a bad, unstable child.

The radley parents: they own a house in which the kids are scared to go, but miss Maudie knows they are pretty nice in person.

Harper lee created miss Maudie because she is like that one person that is a kids best friend.she lets kids understand the outside world. She is the good person of the story.

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