social worker

By: Jonathan Salgado


Social workers are people who help other people with there problems in there everyday life. It can be with the family or just with one person a private talk to solve the problem and won't have to go through it again.
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Daily task and Responsibilities

Some of responsibilities that you will need and be good at is how to schedule dates with people so you will be able to talk to them. Some Daily task can be like helping someone for a day making them feel good about themselves on that day the were with you.

Job Skills

Some of the skills that you will need to be a social worker would be:

  1. listening skills - listening and understanding what there clients are telling them.
  2. Compassion - social workers work with people who are stressful and have difficult situations. To develop a strong relationship, they must have compassion to there clients
  3. Time-management skill - must be good at assigning the days and hours with the clients


Social workers get paid $46,060 per year.
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High School preparation


In high school there is really not that much of classes to be a social worker but there is some classes that might be related to it and its something you need to learn.

  1. Psychology
  2. Psychology Advanced Placement

Extra-Curricular Activity

When going to the leyden page you can find some extra-curricular activity there were some activities that might catch a student eyes who might want to be a social worker.

  • Operation Snowball

  • Peer medication

Work/Volunteer Experience

Couldn't find anything about work that a social worker can do but i know some jobs that can help you with the skills that you need in order to be a social worker and those jobs are:

  • Restaurant server
  • Fast food cashier

Post Secondary Plans

College or University

I had this interview with someone that I wanted to be when I grow up and I asked him what College or University did he go and he gave me two ideas on where to go and he went there in order to become what he is now.

  • Augustan college
  • university Illinois