The Okanagan's Most Unwanted

The Crime Between Two Parteners That Needs To Go!

Meet Them

Suspect #1: The Yellow Flag Iris. Although not sounding harmful, this plant has done some serious damage to habitat availability with long roots digging into swamps and steams. but that's not all.
Suspect #2: The European Paper Wasp: Doing major damage to fruit of orchards and vineyards by eating off the skin of the fruit, this species has been up no good. Also spreading harmful bacteria to the orchards, they are very poisonous and unexpected.

Interesting Facts About This Species, Sightings And Removal

-Although no sightings have been reported on the website we are using, I myself can say I have seen them sprawled around kelowna in orchards
-POISONOUS to both humans and and animals if eaten, and sap can cause dermatitis and sicken if ingested, though it is generally avoided by grazing
-Blooms June-August
-Dispose of the plant in the garbage. Not in compost or in natural areas as they will produce seeds to reproduce

Interesting Facts About This Species, Sightings And Removal

-Living in wetlands and swamps from South to North Okanagan valley
-POISONOUS as they might sting
-If its just around your house, go to the nest at night, when all the wasps are at the nest, spray with bug spray, knock the nest down and kill the queen. But think twice, as they are beneficial to other insects as they help keep hungry caterpillars and other plant pests in check, benefiting your landscape and garden.