Hoot The Owl

A story about diffrence By: christina Stone

One day there was a bird, an owl to be exact. Her name is Hoot. She lives in the woods with all of her other owl friends and looks exactly like them, but she is not. There is something special about her. Hoot was the only one who can turn her head all the way around. You see, it started out as hoot being different. From birth she always had this special ability. Hoots best and basically only friend at the time was Dash, a deer ling who also lived in the forest, along with all the other woodland creatures.

Foxes where common where they lived, and Hoots special ability came in handy a little while later when one came after Dash. Hoot knew she had to help even if it meant putting her own life in danger. It turns out that more than one fox was looking for his dinner, and soon there where three foxes total surrounding Dash. Hoot created a distraction so the foxes would follow and told his deer friend to run. Wail hoot was thinking of a plan to get the foxes off of her tail she was able to turn her head around wail flying to make sure they where all following. She needed a plan and fast.

Hoot decided to chase them around in circles, then off of the nearby ledge. She knew it would be to small of a fall/jump to get hurt, but once they go down they will not be able to jump back over. The three foxes will have to follow the ledge until the end to get back into the forest. After this, all of the creatures praised Hoot for saving Dash and getting rid of the foxes. All of the other owls became envious and waned to have the same special ability as Hoot to protect themselves. Hoots idea was for the owls to try and become flexible and practice several times a day to try and turn their head around all the way. In the end this worked! In the end Hoot learned that just because you are different, that does not make it bad.

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