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Comm 411


I really enjoyed the novel project and wish I would've been able to read more to see the different mothers portrayed in books. I think the main thing I learned from this project was that in writing there is every type of mother displayed in different books. Each person that presented their project was able to bring light to the mothers in their book and accurately present them. The Divine Secrets of The YaYa Sisterhood was a great representation of motherhood because of the bond we were able to see form again. This book showed the realistic side that motherhood isn’t always an easy thing for the child or mother and I was able to take away a lot from this project.


One thing I really enjoyed about the film project was the variety of different movies we had to choose from. There were so many different types of movies to demonstrate motherhood. For my project I choose Stepmom and I think this was a great representation of two different motherhood styles coming together and joining as one. There is conflict between the two motherly figures but as they find out life’s obstacles, they adapt to each other and end up growing as a family. I loved being able to see the motherhood styles in this movie and seeing how other people’s movies differed from mine.

TV Moms

The TV section of class really showed me how many different portrayals of motherhood there are. Each TV genre seems to have it’s own portrayal of motherhood. Comedy for instance bring a more realistic light to mothers, they are generally fun and not too strict. While drama is a completely drastic change because they are typically uptight and hover over their children, which creates the drama within the show. I choose five really different TV shows to demonstrate motherhood in this project, Dance Moms, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, and Gossip Girl. I think each of these portrayed a different aspect to motherhood. I was able to learn about the different mothering styles on TV and see how they differ from each other.

Mothers In The News

I think the news section of class was one of the most interesting because it showed every day mothers and what they were doing, whether it was good or bad. I think the most valuable thing that the news section in class is that media has different ways of portraying motherhood and they can take something as little as breastfeeding and turn it into something extremely positive or very negative. I was surprised to see how many women make the news for abusing or murdering their children. I didn’t realize that it happened so often and it was shocking. On the other hand, there were many positive and encouraging articles towards motherhood and mothers in the news. I was glad that as much negative things we saw, there were positive ones to counteract them.


There are so many ways to look at advertising and motherhood. You can look at it by seeing the way mothers are depicted in advertisements or you can look at the ads targeted towards mothers. I really enjoyed seeing the ads everyone picked and the way they thought mothers were viewed. Overall, I think in advertisements, mothers are depicted in a more negative light and old-fashioned way. They are focused on the old-fashioned way of how mothers are supposed to clean, cook, and take care of the house. When looking at the other aspect of ads, I think that they are definitely targeted towards mothers. Whether it is what mothers should be shopping for and buying their children or what cleaning products they should be using, advertisements are targeted more towards mothers. I thought this was a very interesting project and I really enjoyed that it could be looked at in different ways.


The magazine project was one of my favorites. It was so much fun to look through our specific year and really see what was important to women during that time. Advertisements were a huge thing during 1955 and it was so interesting to see what type of projects they were attempting to get women to buy. Another big thing for woman's magazines during that year was how much they emphasized the importance of family and children's education. There was a whole section in each month detailing all the schools and certain articles on family life. It was very eye opening to see the way they targeted what woman should thing about and what they should be doing within their homes.

The Feminine Mystique

I really enjoyed reading this book and seeing the time period from a mother going through it. I think she had great insight on the way she felt as a mother and the way most women couldn’t express themselves. I thought it was interesting that they didn’t think other women were feeling depressed and tired being a mother, but in fact many were. Starting off class really opened my eyes to what mothers went through and how they were not always happy. I think it was a great way to get us to start thinking about motherhood in this day and age and see how much it has changed over the years. Mothers carried so much weight on their shoulders back then and I think being able to talk about it and express their thoughts has helped women today.
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Disney Films

I found this section of class very interesting because of how absent mothers were throughout them. The portrayal of mothers in Disney films was something I never had thought about but looking into it as a class I was able to see how many of the films did not even mention a mother or did not show one. However, there were a few cases that did have mothers like Dumbo, Bambi, The Parent Trap, and Cinderella. Yet, when mothers were present they weren’t always there the whole movie like in Bambi and The Parent Trap. Or they were evil and manipulative like in Cinderella. Mothers are portrayed in many different ways if they are present but for the majority of Disney films, they are absent and never mentioned.

Children and Teen Movies

This section of class really resembled the TV and Disney movies section. I think the only exception is that there is a huge absence of mothers in children’s movies vs. teens. I think more of the movies aimed towards teenagers have some story of motherly character for the child in the movie. I noticed when there are mothers they aren’t the supportive mother and tend to over their children. There is normally a conflict between them and sometimes it makes the mother or motherly figure look bad. I think overall in the children and teen movies, the mother role is absent and if it is present then it isn’t often portrayed in the best light.


The survey section of class was neat because we got to see what mothers that we know think about motherhood and their experiences. My favorite survey was the third one where we had open answer questions and they were able to express themselves and tell us the things they would do differently. I think it was beneficial on both ends of they survey. I think it helped us with our class discussions but it also made them sit and think about motherhood and their mom’s style of parenting growing up. I don’t think many moms take the time out of their day to think about their mothering style and the way their mother handled parenting. Overall, I think this was my favorite section of class and it was interesting to see how everyone’s answers came together in the end.


Music was an interesting section to me because I didn’t realize how often moms were mentioned in music. There’s so many different song and genres that talk about mothers. Whether it is country, rock, rap, or hip-hop, all genres talk about and mention mothers. I did “I’ll Be There” by Mac Miller and he was the last artist I figured would write a song about his mother. It turned out to be a great story about his mother and how he will always be there for her no matter what. I liked the music section a lot because there’s really not a song written about a bad mother or a mother not being there for her kid. All the songs had a positive outlook on their mothers.
Taylor Swift - The Best Day

Letter to my mommy

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for all that you do for me. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for you. Throughout this semester I have learned several things about motherhood that I never knew about. I learned how hard it was for moms back when you were growing up and the struggles they went through. I was able to see moms in the news abusing their children and am so thankful that you weren’t one of the crazy ones. I can see look back at our relationship over the years and it can remind me of the movies and TV shows we watched in class. We have had our good times and our bad times and been there for each other through it all. We’ve had our fights and disagreements but at the end of the day, I know you are always there for me no matter what. I was so surprised when we talked about all the Disney movies and they didn’t have mothers. I couldn’t imagine if you hadn’t been there for me growing up. I’m so proud to say that I had a supportive and caring mom growing up. I learned how many different types of mothers there are in the world and how they cannot be supportive for their children. Throughout this class I was constantly thankful for our relationship and that we have one much stronger than some of the ones I saw in class. Thank you for being the best mom in the whole world! You amaze me every day with your strength and perseverance. You have taught me how to be a young lady and one day a great mom! This class truly made me appreciate you 100 times more!