E-Cigarettes: A Viable Option in Helping You Quit

Thanks to recent advances in medical technology, there is yet another method available on the market to help current smokers kick their habit – electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes provide many of the benefits of smoking, without the detrimental side effects of traditional cigarette smoking.

How Does it Work?

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated mechanisms that often include three distinct components: a cartridge, a heating device and a power source. These devices are designed to deliver the same effects of traditional cigarettes - minus the smoke. Not only does it make it a safer option for smokers, but for those around them that might be otherwise exposed to damaging second hand smoke.

What are the Benefits?

Today, there are over two hundred different types of e-cigs on the market – all of them ranging in size, shape and color. Regardless of which one is most suitable for you, these gadgets allow you the freedom of smoking without the hassle of traditional restrictions that many smokers face on a daily basis.


While many public spaces have banned smoking on premise, a number of places allow smokers to utilize e-cigs. This gives smokers the freedom to enjoy a smoke in the company of loved ones, without having to step outside and miss the action.


Cigarettes today are astronomically priced; making it a hard habit to sustain from a financial perspective. E-cigs give users the freedom of putting money back into their pockets. While a pack of cigarettes can cost up to $10 a pack, e-cigarettes tend to be a one-time investment that saves you hard earned money over time.


E-cigs are available in a number of different flavors to help make the process of smoking a bit more enjoyable. While traditional cigarettes only feature two flavors – menthol and tobacco – you can ignite your taste buds with one of the many intense flavors that e-cigs provide.


Lastly, e-cigs provide users with an air of convenience. Since they have grown so much in popularity, these electronic devices are available in just about every gas station, convenience store and corner market in town. They can also be purchased at several large retailers, making them a no-brainer when it comes to easy access.