Ancient India

By: Madie Young

India's Location

India is located in the southern half of Asia. It is separated from the rest of Asia by the Himalaya Mountains.

Reasons to Settle in India

The Himalaya Mountains separate India from the rest of Asia. This is a good reason to settle in India because if any other part of Asia wanted to attack them it would take a long time and lots of resources to travel over the huge mountains. The mountains also have snow caps that will melt into rivers, giving them a freshwater source, this provides them with water and possibly a food source of fish. When the Indus River floods it leaves behind fertile land good for growing crops. These are some good reasons to settle in India.

Geographical Features

Some of the geographical features in and around India are: The Himalaya Mountains, the Ganges River, the Bay of Bengal, the Western Ghats, the Indus River, the Brahmaputra River, the Mahanadi River, the Great Nicobar Island, and the Vindhya Mountains.

Human Impacts

Humans impacted the land by growing crops in the ground. The humans also impacted the land by building houses and towns. In the picture below a field of rice from India grows in a fertile section of land.
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Natural Resources

Some of the natural resources of India are: cotton fabrics, diamonds, furs and skins, pearls, sandalwood and incense, silk, woolen fabrics, elephants and horses. Another natural resource is the rivers for fresh water.

Reasons Not to Settle in India

The Himalaya Mountains would make it difficult to trade with other parts of Asia or if a natural disaster were to occur like a flash flood, cyclones, or avalanches it would be hard to get help if they need it.

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