My Individual Action Plan Inspired by the Film Rudy

Goals For Myself

1) Graduate From High school

2)Go to the College/University

3) Finish what I studied for my career also graduate university

4)Become an actor/designer

5)Be the best I can be

6)Learn more about life


My Family might get in my way to go to College or University because they think I can not accomplish my dreams.

Also my financial obstacle maybe that I may not have money to go to collage/university.

My last obstacle would be school because what if I don't have the right GPA.

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Support me

1) Teachers which would support me is Mrs.Conn, Mrs. Borjian, and Miss Area.

2) My only family member which would support me is my mother.

3) My friends that would support me would be: Michellea, Michelle, Andrea, David C., Justin L., and Carolina.


My motivation would be not to end up like my real parents.

My education plan would be to learn multiple subjects.

I would study for any test or exams even if I have distractions at that time.

Even if the subject is hard I would still tire my best.