6th Grade News

Here is what is happening in 6th grade!

Language Arts

First, some AWESOME news! Almost every student in 6th grade scored a C or above on our last post assessment. They're written responses are getting much better and more thorough. We are learning the TAG strategy to answer our questions more completely.

T-urn the question or prompt into a statement.

A-nswer the question or prompt

G-ive two reasons or pieces of evidence to justify your answer.

Since our last unit was informational, our new one focuses on fictional text. We will focus on identifying the theme (message) of the story and reviewing characterization by making inferences. We began reading The Watson's Go to Birmingham - 1963, by Christopher Paul Curtis. This is an excellent story about sibling and family relationships, and how they are strengthened during a tense trip from Michigan to Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement. The story mixes a serious emotional message with funny stories of sibling rivalry to help students understand more about the time period.

Social Studies

We are continuing to study Great Civilizations in Social Studies. So far, we have talked about geography, government, and culture. Students learned the difference between a democracy, monarchy, and republic.

Later this week, and into next week, students will be taking part in a trade activity in class. They will be given resources with which they can trade with other civilizations. They will have to make* goods with these resources and trade the finished goods with the other civilizations. At the end of the trading days, the goal of the groups is to turn a profit!

*Students will not actually be building things, the resources will be on cards, and they have to create descriptions of their goods.


Would you like text message reminders about what is happening and due dates in Language Arts and Social Studies?

Ms. Eller has set up a Remind account to send those text messages. In this day, we frequently see our texts more than emails. You can sign up to receive the text messages, and I will send them occasionally with reminders about things happening in class. You will enter your name when you sign up, so that I will see your name, not your phone number. When you get messages from me, they will be from phone number (906) 629-1747 (not my actual number, the messages are actually sent from the computer).

There are 2 ways to join:

Visit this website to sign up:


Or, you can send a text to sign up via text message.

Text the message @6a6b4 to the number 81010. You will get a follow up text instructing you what to do.

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to guide you through the process!


We are going to be starting out new unit on rational numbers and the coordinate plane.


Students will be talking about earth's stewardship in the next half of the unit and we will have a mid unit assessment on Tuesday of next week.

Attendance Matters Tidbit

Please remember to be on time to school each and every morning! This means that you need to be in your classroom by 7:55. The teachers and staff at Johnson Street Global Studies recognize all of the hard work you do throughout the day and we want to make sure you are making the most of your day. Being on time is an important life skill and we want you to master that skill while at Johnson Street Global Studies!