Trolliey's Red River Cart

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This cart is the best way to spend your hard earned money especially if you are a traveler. This cart can hold all of your supplies and a few people if need be. This cart in particular is brand new and very well constructed. To sweeten the deal to full extent, i'm throwing in a ox. You can't find a deal like this anywhere else!
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History, ND importance!

The cart is made entirely out of wood because nails are very expensive. The carts stuck around throughout most of the 19th century during the fur trade and westward expansion in Canada and the United States. The cart made its first appearance in 1801 at Fort Pembina. The cart can hold about 1000 pounds but not very much more. This invention changed North Dakota tremendously because as the Red River Valley population had boomed. The horses which they usually uses to transport people and objects, could not carry some of the heavier equipment so these new carts were brought in to help out. This cart could be very valuable to you folks traveling into the west, This could be a great tool to help you on your long journey.

The best way to spend your hard earned cash!


There are many advantages of this cart and very few disadvantages. This cart can hold whatever you put in it, if it is in the weight capacity of course. The cart is efficient in every situation, even crossing shallow water. The only disadvantages i can think of are that the wheel may break off depending on what terrain you are using it for or how old it is. One more is that a cart is slower than a steamboat, but you have to put into proportion how much steamboats cost and compare that way too.
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