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Quick tidbits of interest to IndyPL employees

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Love is in the Air... or in the IMA Archives

Alba Fernandez-Keys, Head of Libraries and Archives at the IMA, has good news. The IMA Library is now open to the public on Thursdays from 1-8 p.m. from September through May. Some of you will remember that budget cuts forced some staff layoffs a few years ago. Alba had to close the library doors except by appointment, so this will be welcome news to patrons interested in exploring the IMA library's collection.

Alba also wants you to know the IMA Libraries have a relatively new Tumblr blog. They post once or twice per week with interesting finds or events happening in the library/museum. You can find them here: That's where I found this photo of Robert Indiana's LOVE statue in the air. It was being moved to make way for an addition to the IMA. There's lots more to see, including great photos of the Public Collection installation there.

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Brebeuf is Open for Business!

BRE materials are now requestable.The remodeling at Brebeuf is finished, and their school library manager has asked that they be put back on the pull list. After being off since last March, they will have some catching up to do!

Just as a reminder, all Shared System school members share their collections with all IndyPL patrons. There are a few exceptions: none of them share DVDs; some of them have special collections that they reserve for in-house use.

Because Shared System libraries are not all staffed full time, and because of school breaks, there are inevitable delays. Please let me know if patrons ask you for items for which they have been waiting. Be aware that October is when all schools will take some kind of fall break!