Bi-Monthly Tech Tips

Technology tips that you might find helpful in the classroom

Haiku Tips

1. Don't forget to make 1st semester classes "Inactive" and current semester classes "Active."

2. You can change the theme of your Haiku page by clicking "Manage Class" then "Edit Theme."

3. When "Adding Pages" to your classes don't forget to publish the page by selecting the satellite image.

4. You can now have students submit Google Docs in the Haiku dropbox and teachers can now annotate a Google Doc with the Haiku annotator Crocodoc.


If you are wanting to set up new semester classes in Lanschool here is a link to show you how to set it up or feel free to book me and I can walk you through the steps as well.


Google Apps for Education is a great way to have students Collaborate, Create, Problem Solve and using their Critical Thinking skills to bring together their ideas in the classroom.

Bookmarking Tools:

All of these tools are ways for you to bookmark and organize some of your favorite websites.





Ways Techer's are using Technology in the Classroom

Melissa York - Technology Integration Specialist

Feel free to "book me" at the following website or contact me if you would like for me to help incorporate technology into your classroom and curriculum.