3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending June 5, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Thank you to the chaperones who helped out on the Haddonfield Historical Society field trip today! We got a little caught in the rain, but it all worked out and we had fun! See the article and pictures below.

Field day t-shirts will be decorated next week. Thank you so much for sending in decorating money! The kids are going to love our shirts and they'll be a great keepsake!

Sometime next week, please bring a self addressed envelope, with a family member's return address in the corner, and a FOREVER stamp on the envelope. This letter will be kept in my possession for TEN years, and will then be sent out to your child. It will be a great memory in ten years from now! If possible, try to choose a return address of someone who you think will be in that location in ten years time (just in case you aren't living at your address, the return address will be used as the back up).

Finally, be on the lookout for invitations in backpacks today, but I invite you to our Student Showcase Learning Celebration on Monday, June 15 from 9:00 - 9:30. This is when your child will show you all of the work in their "pizza box" portfolio and writing binder... much more work than what was out at Open House. This will also be a time for you to take it home and help us clear out the classroom for summer! If you are a working parent and unable to come (believe me, I can relate!), do not worry! Your child will bring home their pizza box on Monday and can show you everything then!

Thanks for all of your support, always!!!!


Boosterthon Fun!

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Boosterthon Fun!

By: Emme, Erin & Mackenzie

To all Parents & Guardians,

Starting this week, Mighty Michele and BooYah Ben... hold on a minute... do you know who they are? Well they are in charge of Boosterthon. If you do not know what Boosterthon is, we will tell you that too! Boosterthon is a program that helps build a school community so we work together better and boost each other's confidence. We learn how to respect each other and we even do Shout-Outs to recognize people when they do good deeds. Each day, we have a new goal to achieve. One was to amplify others, to plug in and serve, and our favorite one was listening for feedback. We are even going to get to go to the Fun Run to celebrate our achievements! Before we leave, one more thing! Stand up, get out your air guitars, and 1, 2, 3, ROCKIN' TOWN LIVE!!!

Check out Mrs. Adams' eboard for links to Boosterthon videos and to register for our fun run!

Also, if you check back on our blog over the weekend, there will be a Boosterthon video attached from our assembly (a video of your children!)

Boosterthon 3A


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By Arabella, Alec, and Jack W

This week, we played a fun game (app) called Plickers. Plickers is a game where you hold up a card with a square QR type of shape on it. Mrs. Adams then asks a multiple choice question on the smartboard. Then we hold up the card with the multiple choice QR facing the way we wanted. Then Mrs. Adams scans the cards with an app on her phone. On the Smartboard it shows you the amount of correct and incorrect answers in a bar graph (we can't see names of who got it right or wrong so we have to listen when we go over the answer to see if we were right!) It was so much fun to play Plickers for our math review. Plickers is fun!!!

Time Traveling

By: Olivia, Alina & Maya

Dear Parents,

On Friday we time traveled to the 1700’s and 1800’s. Just kidding! We had a fun field trip to Greenfield Hall, the Haddonfield Historical Society. We saw some pretty old stuff that we wish we had today. There was a rocking chair, but it was a toilet. The littlest girl in the family had to clean that up. YUCK! They did some pretty weird stuff back then.

Upstairs in the attic, they have many dolls and toys. The boys that lived there a long time ago would slide down the railing which is about 15 feet long. Anyway, the dolls were cool. They were donated to the historical society.

We had an amazing time there. At the end of our visit we got to eat corn bread and butter. It was the best!!

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Solar System

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Solar System

By Mikey and Peter

Dear parents and guardians,

In 3A during science we have been researching the Solar System. Everyone picked out of a box to find out what planet they were going to research. When everyone got to the computer lab we got a paper that had questions about each planet. Then we went on to Mrs. Adams' eboard and we used her websites to research our planets. The facts about the planets were really interesting. For example the surface of Venus is so hot that a spacecraft can only stay there for a certain time without crushing or burning.

After we finished researching, we met with our group to share information. We will be creating a fun way to display our information.

The Solar System is really interesting.

Introducing our Star Student... Jane Lynn!!!

Time Traveling Field Trip!

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