Antwerp, Belgium

Susanna P.


Antwerp, Belgium is a wonderful place filled with chocolate, flowers, and great food. But, the people and their culture is the most interesting to me.The culture is, well, very, artistic, and the people are like a bunch of languages, people, and religions mixed up into one small country.

The People

The people of Belgium are a diverse population of religion, people, and languages. The citizens in Antwerp speak Brabantian, a Antwerp dialect of Dutch. The types of people are also interesting. There are Dutch, Moroccans, Spaniards, French, Germans, British, Americans, and Israelite's. Their diffract religions are also really interesting. Most of the people living in Antwerp are nonreligious. Even though Antwerp had lots of Jews most of them died in World War II Concentration Camps. Even though the people are all different,they are all still in the same Country.

The Culture of Antwerp

The Culture of Antwerp is a very interesting and artistic one. From Learning Arts to Painters being buried in Churches the Culture is very amazing to me.Antwerp has a very long involvement in Learning and Arts that shows how important it is in Antwerp. Antwerp's involvement in arts ties into a person named Ruben. Rubens paintings can be found in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Cathedral of our Fair Lady, and Ruben himself is buried in the Church of St. James. Antwerp also has architecture from Gothic to Postmodernism. Antwerp's theatrical musical performances are traditional and modern so everyone gets what they want. There is a Zoological Garden also and it might be Europe's oldest, but it is Europe's most modern. Even though Antwerp can seem boring and old it is really a very interesting place.


Even though Antwerp, Belgium is a small place there are lots of religions, people, and languages. The people and culture top all of the chocolate, flowers and great food. In conclusion i hope that if you ever get a chance to go to go to Antwerp, Belgium you will take interest in the People and their Culture.
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