Causes of the American Revolution

Proclamation of 1763

The king of England said the colonists were not allowed go into Ohio river valley,because the king didn't want to pay for another war.

Stamp Act of 1765

The colonist had to pay money for every paper work with a stamp.The money went to the British.

The Townshend Act of1767

They made the colonist pay for glass,lead,paper and tea.This all started from the Boston tea party and boycotting.

Boston Massacre of 1770

The colonist hated the British invading their town.One day late at night the colonist threw a club at one of the guards.After that happened the British started firing there guns.Five people died from the British.

The Tea Act of 1773

It was allowed for the British east india company to sell tea to the colonist.Colonial feared that they will put them out of business.

Boston Tea Party of 1773

When the colonist didn't want to pay taxes for the war.They will get the person who didn't pay the tax collector and cover them in hot tar and feather them.They will also pour hot tea down throat.

The Intolerable Act of 1774

The British minister was mad when they had to punish Boston in 1774.The colonist called these laws the intolerable laws.

Lexington and Concord of 1775

The first two battle in the American battle in the revolution and they say coaylla to England or rebell