By: Alex Slabik, Stephanie Bowers, Makayla Borders

Dress your child in easy clothes

It helps if you could dress your child in easy removable clothes. Such as pull-ups and underwear.

Ways to help your child learn how to use the toilet

1. Be patient

2. Use toy to show them like a favorite stuffed animal or a doll

3. Relax

4. Encourage them go change there own diaper

5. Don't nag or punish them

Relax and don't freak out about them not learning fast enough. Every child learns at a different pace then another kid.

How do you know when there ready?

-They usually start in between 18-24 months

-They start to stop a activitie for a few minutes

-They might start to clutching there diaper


It's important to teach your child to be potty training so they can be independent later on it life and be able to use the potty without help.