Fire And Ice By: Erin Hunter

Will fire alone save the clans from the huge threat that's coming there way?

Deep in the heart of a forest, four clans of warrior cats exist in uneasy harmony but in uncertain times they are upon each other, and the precarious balance of the forest is threatened by many dangers.

Will Ravenpaw from ThunderClan return to his Clan or become loner permanently?

Ravenpaw was a ThunderClan apprentice, but once he told Fireheart about how he saw his mentor Tigerclaw kill one of his clanmates from ThunderClan, he decided to leave because he was worried that if Tigerclaw found out that he saw what happened, he would kill him too.

Will Fireheart and Graystripe complete their mission or let there whole clan's down?

Fireheart and Graystripe are on a mission to find WindClan after they were kicked out of there home by ShadowClan. There has to be four clans in the forest because that's how StarClan intended it for it to happen.

Will Yellowfang regret killing her son?

Yellowfang was once part of ShadowClan. She had fallen in love with RaggedStar. She got pregnant and had a son who eventually became leader of ShadowClan. Yellowfang decided to leave ShadowClan and become the medicine cat of ThunderClan because her son hates her.He only wanted power and control of all the clans so he decided to attack WindClan and they were driven of there home. Then his Clan decided to kick him out of a Clan but he comes back to seek revenge. So he decides to attack ThunderClan the only warrior there is Fireheart because the others are on patrol looking for BrokenStar. He loses the fight and gets injured so his mother gives him a type of berry that is poisonous and it can kill someone.

Will Graystripe and Sliverstream be punished for breaking the warrior code?

The “warrior code" says you can't be mate's with cats from a different clan. The warrior code is a guide of rules that cats must follow and be respected. Graystripe fell in love with Sliverstream (who is from RiverClan) after they helped each other out. Then they started to meet in secret locations without getting caught.