Escape From Camp 14

Comparing to greek myths

Escape From camp 14

A man is born into a North Korean labor camp. he lives to tell his story on what it was like at the camp. there are labor camps all over North Korea. Yet the North Korean government claims they don't exist. When there are many labor camps all across North Korea. Shins life is like many Greek Hero s that had a very bad experience in the camp.

shin dong hyuk

shin managed to escape a North Korean labor camp in January of 2005. he then escaped from North Korea then went to china, South Korea then the U.S. He lives to tell his story about how it was like in camp 14. He can relate to Greek Hero's because of the experences hes had in camp 14.

Reiview of the book

I would recomend the book if you like history. The book is really good. It shows how what really goes on in North Korea.


Camp 14 by WhoStoleMyCookies

Camp 14

There are many labor camps across North Korea. To the North Korean government these labor camps don't exist. Yet they can be found by anyone who knows how to use Google earth. Shin was born into this camp. Like many Greek hero's he had a strange birth.