The Reformation

by : Lanaijha Tucker

"What was the change?"

The Renaissance weakened the church which led to this . Also the printing press spread secular books , and the Guttenberg developed the printing press . Those caused the reformation . The reformation was a movement for religious reform . Martin Luther wrote the 95 theses which was basically a way of him telling people that only faith will bring salvations and church teachings should only be based on the words of the bible.

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"Who were the people associated with the change?"

Martin Luther was a white monk who wrote the 95 theses , posted them on the door of the church castle , and believed that church teachings should only be based on on the words of the bible.

John Calvin was a man who publishd the institutes of the christian religion. The religion based on his teachings was called "Calvinism"

Henry VII wanted to get a divorce but couldnt bc the catholic church didnt believe in it

"How did the change impact siciety at the time?"

The change impacted the society because Luther got excommunitcated from the church and got outlawed. The pope decided to burn all of the books . Martin Luther decided to make his own religious group called the Lutherans after the bible was passed out .

"How is this seen in today's modern society?"

By dividing Christendom into Catholic and Protestant, the Reformation destroyed the religious unity of Europe, the distinguishing feature of the Middle Ages, and weakened the Church, the chief institution of medieval society. The Reformation’s stress on individual conscience may have contributed to the development of the capitalist spirit, which underlies modern economic life.

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