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As teachers we appreciate the free resources that come our way. When we get a few good strategies from a workshop or colleague, and we see them work with our students, we feel like we have found a golden nugget!

While searching this month for ELA resources, I found this "Holy Cow" website. It has a full page of resources for EVERY CONTENT AREA! Featured this month, The Common Core Conversation, an amazing and comprehensive website supporting Common Core instruction in Social Studies has more resources than you can imagine! A handful of educators from a variety of states have contributed to this project - am sure you will be glad they did!!

You may feel like a "kid in a candy store" as you enter this site. Happy hunting!

Michigan's K-8 GLCE's; Michigan's HSCE's

Differentiation in Social Studies

In this newsletter you will find an entire page devoted to Differentiated Instruction - with numerous strategies that can be used in any content area.

In addition, here are a few resources, specific to Social Studies instruction, for each grade band -

K-12 - Great Minds Don't Think Alike (great resource for ESL strategies, too)

K-5 - Differentiated Instruction on Pinterest

Middle School - Social Studies Differentiated Instruction

MS/HS - Socratic Seminars

Instructional Resources

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel continues to expand their resources for all content areas. Below is a link to a search "Social Studies Differentiated Instruction." You will find a listing of 466 videos already populated for all grade bands and covering several concepts - from concrete to analytic to creative!

Join the Teaching Channel and access the lesson plans and resources used of the videos you find helpful.

Resources for Practicing Skills in Social Studies

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