Founders Day: Masquerade Ball

Organised by Mayor Carol Lockwood

This is an invitation to the Founders Day Masquerade Ball

We invite all members of the community to the Founders Day Masquerade Ball, all council members are required to come to the event. Two dollars are required for entry. Food and drink are provided but are priced. All money raised will go towards food for the homeless.

Founders Day Masquerade ball

Wednesday, March 21st 2012 at 7:30-10pm

Mystic Falls, Teton, WY, United States: Lockwood mansion ballroom

we ask for suitable, dressy clothing such as suits, ties and dresses, masks are compulsory on the dance floor


Entertainment in front yard- 7:30-9:00

Catherine and Lucy Enter- 7:40

Catherine compels Matt to start a fight with Tyler- 7:45

Jeremy and Bonnie set up a room to trap Catherine in- 7:45

Lucy and Bonnie meet- 8:25

Catherine and Stefan dance- 8:30

Elena joins to the party- 8:45

Catherine threatens Caroline- 9:00

Caroline, Stefan and Damon trap/try to kill Catherine- 9:07

Elena's connection to Catherine almost kills her- 9:22

Tyler and Matt fight (Caroline knocks him out)-9:22

Lucy gives moonstone to Catherine then knocks her out- 9:30

Catherine gets locked in the tomb- 9:45