Book Publishing 101

Understanding The Book Business From Concept To Creation

Have you written a book? OR is there a book inside you waiting to come out?

Between work, family and social life, who has time to research how publishers actually make their decisions or to investigate self-publishing options? Where do you even start to look for an editor or an experienced graphic design artist for the cover and interior layout? What about marketing?

This is a one-day intensive workshop to learn the basics of the book business. Whether you are a first-time author or already have a manuscript finished, this workshop is for you. This is your chance to learn directly from the publisher the steps required to take your idea or finished manuscript into a successful book! If your goal is to be a published author, don't miss this opportunity.

What to Expect At the Workshop:

* It's a new world out there! Explore and learn about the modern publishing paradigm with traditional publishers, self-publishers, vanity publishers, indie publishers, agents, editors, graphics.

* Learn the basics of author-publisher contracts

* Learn the latest trends in Author Marketing "Branding" and in Marketing Your Book.

* Writing tips for authors and common writing mistakes to avoid.

* Actual writing exercises designed to help get you started or to break through writer's block.

* Time Reserved for Q & A.

Authors who attend this workshop will have the opportunity to present their book idea to Nancy or Lisa and receive their feedback. Call (260) 341-9524 to schedule your appointment.

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Nancy Newman, Visionary Insight Press, Editorial Director

Nancy Newman is the Editorial Director of Visionary Insight Press, and the author of Beyond Beautiful, Step Into Your Best Life and Living Your Purpose. She has edited several books, assisting in the compilation and publication of those books. Nancy is a juried contributing author for several magazines, including Sibyl, Evolving Forward and Lightworkers World.

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Lisa Hardwick, Visionary Insight Press, Project Director

Lisa Hardwick is the Project Director of Visionary Insight Press, and the author of From Broken To Beautiful, Beyond Beautiful, Restoring Your Beautiful Life, Beautiful Seeds of Change, Step Into Your Best Life and Living Your Purpose. She has compiled and overseen the publication of many books. Lisa is also a sought-after presenter for Celebrate YOU and Optimal Mind programs.

Book Publishing 101

Saturday, April 13th 2013 at 10am-5pm

2101 Coliseum Boulevard East

Fort Wayne, IN

Neff Hall Room 101

$129 Includes: Course Materials and Refreshments

Call for details: (260) 341-9524

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