Lockhart's Instructional Update

Learning Along the Way

Spring is here!

It's so exciting to be seeing the sunshine these days, even though it's still a bit cool. As I type this on Friday before Spring Break, I realize that school will be out sooner than we think and I will have finished my first year as Instructional Coach. Wow! I've learned so much! Thank you for being FANTASTIC to me and making it so rewarding! Love you all!

Teacher resources!

*ELEOT tool Make sure you are familiarizing yourself with this as you plan for engagement

*ReadWorks.org You will find searchable text with assessment that is top notch

*ME I am a resource for you. You can book me for model lessons, working in your classroom, conversations about student work, text dependent questioning, videoing. Click the following link to get me on your calendar. https://clockhart.youcanbook.me/